A pre-recorded warning siren is a siren that is played before an event that will require evacuation. Our Voice based Sirens are designed for community, industrial facility, or defense emergency situations that require mass alerts or notifications. These sirens are used in applications where conventional sirens don’t fit it. There are certain applications where alerts should be in the form of a Human Voice to get an instant response or better understanding.

Example: In case a user forgets to close the door, a voice-based siren would be the best option to alert the user of this.


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These sirens are also useful for Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) where a voice-based alert is sounded when the system gets activated automatically. Instead of using convention Sirens or Buzzers, it’s advisable to use Recordable Voice Annunciator Module.

ESD Activation Alert

Sometimes warning siren sound is not as effective as it should be. The Recordable voice module helps us to include alert messages as well as corrective measures to be taken, so even a layman can perform emergency tasks. Example: In the case of Over temperature alert, a recorded message can alert. Please turn off the Pressure Pump.

Electronic Multi-Channel Voice Programmable Alert System
Input Power Supply: 220 VAC / 24 VDC
Indication: By LED for Mains & Output Signal
No of Channels: 1/8 Nos (Separate activation of each voice-based message
Audio Format: Mp3 File
Audio Level: Up to 70 dB (We have models which offer sound output up to 120 dB)
Storage Device: SD Card
Fixing type: Panel Mounting
Unit Dimensions : 96 mm x 96 mm x 60 mm
Max Playback Time : 10 Min/Channel
Audio Output: 3.5mm jack female (Can be used to connect external speakers)

96*96 Panel Buzzer

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