In case of any power outage, we usually use Generators, which get turned ON automatically in case of power failure. As soon as the Mains Return Generators should be turned off, but many times users don’t get a notification that the mains power supply has been resumed. This results in unnecessary usage of generator and wastage of diesel fuel.

The mains return hooter is a device that detects if the power supply is interrupted. If the power goes off, the alarm system will sound to alert you that the power has been lost or resumed.


Our Mains Return Hooter gives an instant alert in case of mains failure and returns, in this way users are well-informed about the state of the Generator and can prevent fuel wastage.

Mains Return Hooter – Phase Failure Alarm – Power Failure Alert System
96 X 96 Electronic Panel Buzzer
Hooter Cut Out Dimensions: 90 X 90 mm
Input Voltage: 220V AC (Generator Input Voltage: 220V AC)
Ideal Audible Range: 50 Meters
Tone: Single Tone
Made In India

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