We are Manufacturer & Suppliers of Industrial Siren (Mechanical Sirens), Hand Operated Sirens, Electronic Sirens, Automatic Sirens Timer, Advanced Siren Controllers, Wireless Remote Control Siren & Automatic School Bell Timers.

Uses of various Type of Siren (Alarm)

  • Industrial Siren: Dam Water Release, Blasting & Mining, Machine Start, EOT Crane alert, conveyor warning
  • Warning Siren: Theft, burglar alarm.
  • Emergency Siren: For Employee Alert, Evacuation Or Gathering
  • Terrorist Attack Warning: For Military or Army Cantonment, Air Base.
  • Security Alert Siren: Invasion, Attack, Intruder Alert, Theft, Unauthorized Access.
  • Disaster Warning Siren: Gas Leak, Earthquake, Flood, Volcano, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, Nuclear War, Radioactive Leak.
  • Fire Siren: For Fire Engines, Fire Alarm System, Explosion.
  • Civil Defence Siren: Public Warning System
  • Factory Shift Siren: Automatic Siren For Shift Change, Lunch & Tea Breaks.

Few of our valuable customers

Few of our valuable customers.

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