Hand Operated sirens are also referred as Hand Crank Siren. These sirens are used at sites where there is no external power source is available.

Hand Operated Siren

As soon as the handle is rotated it starts producing a low-frequency sound which is recognized universally. As no external power source is needed these can be carried along and are portable.

Mostly used in:

  • Railway Track Maintenance
  • Campsites.
  • Civil Defense.
  • Mountain rescue.
  • Coast guard warning.

There are several benefits to using hand-operated sirens in certain situations:

  1. Portability: Hand-operated sirens are portable and do not require an electrical power source, making them useful in situations where electricity is not available or reliable.

  2. Ease of use: Hand-operated sirens are easy to use, requiring only the turning of a crank or handle to activate.

  3. Versatility: Hand-operated sirens can be used in a variety of settings, including emergency vehicles, factories, construction sites, schools, public buildings, military bases, and outdoor warning systems.

  4. Effectiveness: Hand-operated sirens produce a loud, distinctive sound that is effective at getting people’s attention in a variety of situations.Durability: Hand-operated sirens are typically built to withstand harsh environments and are designed to be durable and reliable.

Hand Operated Siren

Model Number Ideal Audible Range
PC-HOS-050 0.5 kms
PC-HOS-100 1.0 Kms
PC-HOS-150 1.5 Kms
PC-HOS-150-WD (With Stand & Warbling Disc) 1.5 kms