Remote Controlled Siren
Remote Control Outdoor Siren

We offer GSM Based Remote Controlled Siren System, these can be used to remotely turn ON a siren. We have designed our system on GSM network, so you can practically operate a siren from any part of the world. These type of arrangements for remote activation are specifically used for Water release alerts from Dam gates, alerting security personals from distant command control rooms etc.

Customized Wireless Remote Controlled Siren

Various type of customization can be possible viz automatic turning off after a specific interval or activation with just a missed call.

  • Complete Wireless Siren Actuation
  • No distance limit like 50 meters or 100 meters range for the remote.
  • No need for a straight-line operation of remote and siren.
  • It can be operated from any mobile phone, with no need for even a smartphone.
  • It can turn off automatically after a pre-defined alert interval.
Emergency Sirens
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