An electronic siren is a type of siren that uses electronics to create the sound of the siren. The electronic siren is a newer type of siren that is becoming increasingly popular, as it is more reliable and has a wider range of sounds that can be produced.

Our Industrial Electronic siren system is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications and continuous usage. For certain applications where multi-tone output is needed motor sirens are not redundant.

Benefits of Electronic sirens:

  • Customized Tones – Dual Tone, Tripple Tone or Multi-Tone
  • Low energy consumption
  • Volume control option.
  • Low Maintenance (No hassles of replacing carbon brushes regularly)
  • Remote Actuation with the help of potential-free contacts.
  • It can be operated from backup power or batteries.

We have also made provision to use the siren system as a PA system, you can use an external microphone and convert it into a factory announcement system.

Electronic Siren – Heavy Duty

Housing: M. S. Powder Coated
Circuit Size: 225mm X 200mm (Varies as per Voltage)
Tone: Siren / Dual Tone
Range: 300-400 Meters (Single Speaker)
Speaker: P.A. Type
Sound Output: 80-85 dB
Input Voltage: 220/110/48/24 V AC or 12/24 V DC (Any One)

Demo Audio:

Electronic Siren Applications

  • EOT Cranes
  • Pre Start Alarms
  • PLC / Relay based actuations
  • Control Room Alerts – Control Room Alarm Management
  • Machinery Warning

Electronic Siren
Tone: Dual Tone (Toggle Switch for Tone Selection)
Power Output: 75 Watts (Max)
Input Voltage: 12V DC (Rs 400 Extra for 220V AC)
Range: 200-250 Meters (Single Speaker)
Speaker: MOC ABS P.A. Type
Sound Output: 100-110 dB
Dimensions (mm): W 185 x H 180 x L 170
Weight: 1.55 Kgs (Without Power Supply)

We also offer:

  1. Multi-Channel Recordable Voice Annunciator
  2. Voice Siren Warning System
Emergency Sirens

Types Of Sirens

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