Carbon Brushless Motor Siren

5 Kms Siren

Emergency sirens are used to warn people of impending danger, usually severe weather conditions. They are also used to alert people to other emergencies, such as fires, gas leaks, and chemical spills. Sirens are typically mounted on tall buildings or poles, and they can be heard from far away.

A carbon brushless siren is a siren that uses a carbon brushless motor to produce sound. The motor is connected to a spinning disk or impeller that has a series of notches cut into it. As the disk/impeller spins, the notches create a series of pulses of air that create the sound of a siren.

These are special sirens designed for continuous duty applications like:

  • Coal Handling Plants – CHP Coal Conveyors
  • Stacker Reclaimer
  • Conveyor Pre-Start Alarm – Conveyor Start up Siren

Compared to conventional motor sirens they have the advantage of almost no maintenance and are suitable for continuous usage.

Model Number Voltage Ideal Audible Range
PC-CBS-1S-050 220/240V AC 0.5 Kms
PC-CBS-1S-100 220/240V AC 1.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-100 220/240V AC 1.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1S-200 220/240V AC 2.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-200 220/240V AC 2.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-350 220/240V AC 3.5 kms
PC-CBS-1D-500 220/240V AC 5.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-800 220/240V AC 8.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-1000 220/240V AC 10.0 Kms
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