Automatic School Bell System or Auto Bell Timer

Automatic School Bell Timer

Auto Bell Timer

Our Automatic School Bell System is simple yet robust. Schools, colleges, coaching classes, offices can use it for an automatic bell ringing system. 25 types of bell settings (Periods) can be added for any day including Tea Breaks, Lunch breaks, short recess & Long recess & assembly. Bell duration can be individually set in seconds, for example, short bell (3 seconds) and long bell (6 Seconds). There is also a provision for day selection viz Time Table can be defined same for all six days or same for Monday to Friday & special half-day schedule for Saturday & Sunday holiday. Apart from automatic bell ringing, it has a manual mode, which can be used in case of any deviation from the predefined schedule or emergency use.

Sample Time Table

S. No. Time Details Bell / Siren Duration
1 8:00 AM School Start 3 Seconds
2 8:10 AM Assembly Start 3 Seconds
3 8:30 AM Period 1 3 Seconds
4 9:15 AM Period 2 3 Seconds
5 10:00 AM Short Recess Start 5 Seconds
6 10:10 AM Short Recess Ends / Period 3 3 Seconds
7 10:55 AM Period 4 3 Seconds
8 11:40 AM Period 5 3 Seconds
9 12:25 PM Lunch Break 5 Seconds
10 12:55 PM Lunch Ends / Period 6 3 Seconds
11 1:40 PM Period 7 3 Seconds
12 2:25 PM Period 8 3 Seconds
13 3:00 PM End of the day. 7 Seconds

Automatic School Bell Timer Details:

  • Can be used with any Gong Bell or Electric Siren, up to 220 volts, 50 Hz AC
  • Four push buttons are used to set the data (School timetable) and alarms, namely, switch 1st is for increment, switch 2nd for decrements, switch 3rd for both programming and next (move cursor). And switch 4th for storing the data like (ok button) at each time when we altered the values.
  • Three LEDs Red, Yellow and Green are used to indicate Power on, manual, and output respectively.
  • 16×2 LCD for the display time and alarms.
  • It has an Inbuilt Real Time Clock (​​DS1307) which tracks over the Real-Time and lithium 3v cell for the offline RTC storage.

Features of Automatic Timer

  • 25 different types of settings can be done for a given day.
  • 4 Push Buttons for Time Settings with LCD Display & LED Indicators
  • Simple operation & settings, no computers required to program or maintain the ringing schedule.
  • No additional battery required to maintain the clock and stored program.

We also offer Automatic School Bell System With Voice Announcement, where pre recorded voice based announcements like “Period No. 1, Period No. 2, Lunch Break” etc. This systemn can be connected to existing PA system or aplifier.
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