Industrial Siren with Timer

A factory siren is a loud noise that helps people know when to start or stop working. They can be operated by hand or by a machine, and they help make sure that people are working when they are supposed to be. The siren can be set to go off at a certain time, or it can be set to activate when a specific event occurs. This type of system can be used in conjunction with other emergency systems, such as fire alarm systems.

Timer Details

  • In the output, we can drive upto 220 or 440 volts, 50 Hz AC Electric motor Siren
  • Four pushbuttons are used to set the data and alarms, namely switch 1st is for increment, switch 2nd for decrements, switch 3rd for both programming and next (move cursor). And switch 4th for storing the data like (ok button) at each time when we altered the values.
  • Three LEDs Red, Yellow and Green are used to indicate Power on, manual, and output respectively.
  • 16×2 LCD for the display time and alarms.
  • It has an Inbuilt Real Time Clock (​​DS1307) which tracks over the Real-Time and lithium 3v cell for the offline RTC storage.

Automatic School Bell System can be used with:

  1. Metal Gong Bells
  2. Siren
  3. Electronic Buzzers / Bells
  4. Amplifier based systems.

Features of Automatic Timer

  • 25-30 different types of settings can be done (per day)
  • 4 Push Buttons for Time Settings with LCD Display & LED Indicators
  • Simple operation & settings, no computers required to program or maintain the ringing schedule.
  • No additional battery required to maintain the clock and stored program.

We also offer voice-based factory siren systems which alert with voice messages like LUNCH BREAK STARTS, DINNER BREAK TIME, etc.

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