Audio Visual Alarm

An audio-visual alarm is a system that uses both sound and visual cues to alert a user to a potential hazard. These alarms are often used in industrial and commercial settings, where there is a need to quickly and effectively warn employees of potential danger. Audio-visual alarms can be used to indicate a fire, chemical spill, or other hazardous events.

When choosing an audio-visual alarm system, it is important to consider the environment in which it will be used. For example, if the alarm is being used in an industrial setting, it is important to choose a system that is durable and can withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, the alarm should be loud enough to be heard over the noise of machinery. In a commercial setting, the alarm should be visible from all parts of the building. It is also important to consider the type of hazard that the alarm will be used for. Different hazards will require different types of alarm systems.

Audio-visual alarms find various utilities in industrial applications. Many a time it’s needed to offer Audio as well as visual indication. These types of alarms are useful for Shop Floor, Process alerts, or EOT crane warnings.

We offer Advance Microcontroller Based Voice-based Audio Visual Alarm Alarm System with a Built-in EMI Protection Circuit & MicroSD Card Socket. These can play a siren tone or a pre-recorded voice message. There is also a provision for volume control to adjust the sound output as per ambient noise levels. Our various models can offer sound coverage of 50 meters to 250 meters. Usually available for 12/24v To 220v Ac power source. These also incorporate LED-based flashing lights for the distant visual alert. 

Demo Video of Audio Visual Alarm

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